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Transportation & Infastructure

Missouri has around 276,619 miles of public roadway. That, on top of 10,400+ bridges and 4,800+ freight railroad miles, creates a large and intricate surface transportation network with more miles of infrastructure per capita than almost any state in the nation. Much of this is maintained through a carefully balanced alliance of federal, state and local governments.

  • As governor, I will maximize resources to fuel economic opportunity, increase safety for our families and communities, and encourage greater collaboration between state, county and local governments.

  • While recent investments have helped improve overall conditions, many Missouri roads are still in need of repair. We can meet these needs without raising taxes. As governor, I will direct the Missouri Department of Transportation to collaborate with local and county governments in prioritizing road repairs. It’s critical the state respect local input during this process, working hand-in-hand to achieve even greater efficiency and always moving toward improved safety and the freer flow of commerce.

  • My administration will work directly with counties and local governments to build greater efficiency, where possible, into their project plans and remove roadblocks. In this way, we will stretch existing resources as far as possible.

  • Under a McDowell administration, we will make it a top priority to compete for and win federal grants to further enhance rail service and lower the basis for grain products, putting more money in the hands of hardworking farmers and growing the Missouri economy.

  • Like our highways and roads, air service is a network. Ensuring Missouri remains connected through our smaller and regional airports must be a priority. As governor, I will protect infrastructure investments for our aviation network.

In Missouri, the average tradesman is 41 years old, meaning many will be at or near retirement by the end of the next decade. To meet our long-term needs, I’m committed to:

  • Bolstering Governor’s Office of Economic Development investments in programs that build awareness of the industry’s career potential and aid in recruiting new talent;

  • Expanding access to experience-driven technical training at the high-school level; and

  • Strengthening partnerships between state technical schools and employers to graduate 25% more apprentices by 2022. This will enable us to grow our skilled workforce and better fill good-paying infrastructure jobs with Missouri workers.

President Trump has made the streamlining of infrastructure regulations a goal of his administration. As governor, I will lead by example and partner with President Trump to streamline federal permitting processes that weigh down Missouri developers.
More than half of Missouri Department of Transportation funding is federal. I will work to maximize these federal resources, defend the formula going forward, and fully justify why it is essential to continue investing in America’s Heartland.

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Jeff Shore, Treasurer