On The Issues

Rural Revitalization

Since 2000, rural populations have diminished. Seeing our larger communities flourish is exciting, but I want to make sure we don’t lose Missouri’s rural culture either. As governor, I will work to bring more resources to rural areas, expanding broadband, promoting economic development, enhancing healthcare, and focusing on K-12 schools.
By expanding rural broadband and enhancing cell service, area businesses can grow their customer base without leaving town; families can better connect with their doctors; and students can learn from teachers a world away. In many rural areas, however, broadband deployment lags behind, largely because of the disproportionate expense of installation and maintenance.
To grow families in rural Missouri, we need jobs in rural Missouri. As governor I will; 

(1) equip students with the skills needed to succeed in ag-related industries, 
(2) review permitting structures to be sure they promote economic development and respect local control, 
(3) expand opportunities for value-added agriculture, and 
(4) improve rural infrastructure.
Local healthcare providers have been relentless in expanding access through a robust network of rural clinics and innovative telehealth technologies, dramatically shrinking the distance between residents and state-of-the-art care. To build on these successes, we must grow the healthcare workforce in rural Missouri. As governor, I will work directly with state professional organizations to develop forward-thinking recruitment and retention strategies, while also reviewing licensing requirements. Additionally, I will pursue federal waivers and grants, as appropriate, to better customize healthcare programs to Missouri’s needs.
The school is the life blood of many rural communities, but most struggle to make ends meet, recruit qualified teachers, or maintain enrollment numbers. Under my administration, the Department of Education will work to develop a pilot program to fill teacher shortages in high-need areas, exploring options such as new incentive programs for local working professionals and enhanced mentoring of teachers. While I will also work to improve efficiencies, increase local decision making, and empower schools to share resources, I believe the most sustainable way to strengthen rural schools is to expand economic opportunity. If a family can’t make a living in a rural community, they will pull their kids from the school district and move. I am fully committed to revitalizing Missouri’s rural culture, so small-town schools and businesses can thrive for generations to come


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Jeff Shore, Treasurer