Saundra's Plan for Missouri

The 3 core MOre Pillars of my campaign are:


I know Missourians expect MOre transparency from our government.
From back-door deals and dark money, to lobbyists and special interests, it is clear our political system no longer works for the people.
For this reason, as governor I will work to throw open the doors in a top down fashion, from the state capital to county commission offices and school boards to give you unprecedented access to the government decision-making process at all levels.

Tax Cuts

For all that everyday working Missourians put into our great state, how much do they get back?
For a lot of people, the answer is not much – I want to change that, and that means MOre Tax Breaks for working people.
As governor, I pledge to endorse tax breaks as well as veto efforts to increase taxes on working people and small businesses. And I will put that commitment in writing when I get into office. 


Missourians are talented, hard-working and determined. But thanks to big government, excessive red tape, and bureaucracy, they are prevented from achieving MOre.
I want to unleash our untapped potential by MOre protection from government growth. Under my administration, not only will there be no new boards, new commissions, we would look to refocus and streamline each department in each agency to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. We will cut red tape wherever it discourages talent, business, growth, and opportunity.


Campaign Finance


Current campaign finance laws in Missouri contain loopholes that could allow corporations and individuals to shatter campaign contribution limitations.
While reforms are needed to address these problems, I will not wait to act until the campaign finance laws catch up to what’s right. I will lead by example. I have not and will not take funds from Political Action Committees that were established with the intent to circumvent individual contribution limits, and if elected as your governor, I will work with the legislature to close these loopholes.

The Economy

Although GDP growth has been consistently positive over the last 5 years, this economic indicator does not tell the full story.
As economic inequality rises and the fruits of society’s labors accrue to fewer individuals, we need to expand our definition of economic prosperity past a single number and look at the true economic wellbeing of our citizens.

Family First

My husband, Jonathan, and I are blessed with five incredible kids, who are surrounded by family and loved ones who continually invest in their education and upbringing. Our faith and that strong family unit has helped us get through the tough times.

Rural Revitalization

Since 2000, rural populations have diminished. Seeing our larger communities flourish is exciting, but I want to make sure we don’t lose Missouri’s rural culture either. As governor, I will work to bring more resources to rural areas, expanding broadband, promoting economic development, enhancing healthcare, and focusing on K-12 schools.

Human Trafficking

By some estimates, 100,000 individuals are trafficked in the U.S. each year, most of them women and many of them children. Sadly, Missouri is not immune. Month after month, we read stomach-churning reports of sex trafficking. There is a role each of us can play in fighting trafficking by simply understanding what to look out for, but a broader policy shift needs to occur as well to better prevent trafficking, intervene when it does occur, and help survivors rebuild.

Transportation &


Missouri has around 276,619 miles of public roadway. That, on top of 10,400+ bridges and 4,800+ freight railroad miles, creates a large and intricate surface transportation network with more miles of infrastructure per capita than almost any state in the nation. Much of this is maintained through a carefully balanced alliance of federal, state and local governments.

Improving Public


Between 2013 and 2017, Missouri’s murder rate climbed 61%. This dangerous growth rate cannot be allowed to go on.
I stand firmly behind the dedicated work of our law enforcement officers. To better enable their success in the field, improvements in the way the state approaches mental health and criminal justice are warranted. As governor, I am committed to being a partner to law enforcement, providing leadership and working collaboratively to create an environment in which both families and growing businesses can feel safe to call Missouri home.


We cannot underestimate the influence of a good education. As students gain confidence and upward mobility, communities often experience decreased crime rates, and employers get access to a skilled workforce. This brings good jobs and higher wages to the area. In some ways, Missouri excels in the learning opportunities we provide, but as a mother of 5, I can tell you our education system faces challenges too.

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