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Family First

My husband, Jonathan, and I are blessed with five incredible kids, who are surrounded by family and loved ones who continually invest in their education and upbringing. Our faith and that strong family unit has helped us get through the tough times.
We share this family-focused mentality with many in the state, which is one of the things that makes Missouri so special. It’s a value we must fight to preserve. However, recent cultural shifts are weakening households and often inserting government where family should be. I’m committed to being a family-first governor, fighting to strengthen the family unit and preserve the values Missouri has long embraced.
I am proudly pro-life. With a newly appointed pro-life justice on the Supreme Court, I’m optimistic we are on the cusp of securing permanent protections for the unborn. As governor, I want to make sure Missouri can play a leading role in that effort, I will:

  • Assign an Unborn Person Advocate within the governor’s office to monitor, report, and recommend legislative and policy changes;

  • Actively pursue all available legislative options to stop abortion and protect the lives of unborn babies;

  • Oppose any efforts to legalize physician-assisted suicide; and

  • Work to proactively defend Missouri’s pro-life policies, engaging the top legal minds to litigate on behalf of our values, if necessary.

Marriage is a special, God-given union between one man and one woman. With the drop of a gavel, however, the Supreme Court attempted to silence those of us who believe in traditional marriage. As governor, I will defend our culture and values, fighting federal intrusion on our deeply held beliefs and working to protect the religious liberties of individuals and businesses.
It can be incredibly powerful for kids to see their parents provide for their family. Unfortunately, many of today’s programs perpetuate dependency instead of incentivizing work. To put that another way, we make it easy to sign up for programs, but difficult to qualify for a good-paying job. I want to change that as governor. More specifically, I will:

  • Encourage flexibility for parents pursuing new skills at Missouri tech schools and universities. To ensure parents can get the qualifications needed for a good-paying job, I will work with Missouri universities and tech schools to offer options for more flexible course loads.

  • For many families, child care is not an option, but a necessity – and an expensive one at that. As governor, I will take a comprehensive approach to reducing the financial strain of childcare, exploring options to alleviate certain licensing and regulatory costs, increase the number of childcare providers, and better support evidence-driven early education programs.

  • There are far too many cases of noncustodial parents avoiding child support requirements. As governor, I will encourage the legislature to strengthen accountability measures. We cannot allow parents to shirk their parental responsibilities.

Too often, public policies attempt to fill parenting gaps with the government. Conservatives, however, understand these gaps are best filled by the parents themselves. With that in mind, I am focused on strategies that simply help parents be parents again. I will expand family education programs to better prevent domestic violence and intervene before it occurs in the home. My administration would also encourage high schools to invest in family and consumer science programs, sharing the value of strong family units and building an understanding of the responsibilities that come with a household.
When it comes to raising kids, family is better than government. As a conservative, I will protect the rights of parents to choose the educational path that’s best for their child, whether it’s public schooling, homeschooling, or a private education. Regardless of a family’s decision, I will work to ensure all students have equal opportunity within the education system.
Prevention is critical, but when drug treatment programs are necessary, those that keep families together and children out of foster care have proven to produce more effective outcomes in some cases. As governor, my administration will work to expand residential and family-based treatment options in Missouri.
Strong families create strong communities. As President Reagan once said, “nurturing, preserving, and passing on to each succeeding generation the values […]  are the foundation of our freedoms.”. Because of this understanding, I will not raise taxes on families, grow government, or allow federal bureaucrats to tell us how to live. Family must remain the central figure in our public policy.

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