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The Economy

Although GDP growth has been consistently positive over the last 5 years, this economic indicator does not tell the full story.
As economic inequality rises and the fruits of society’s labors accrue to fewer individuals, we need to expand our definition of economic prosperity past a single number and look at the true economic wellbeing of our citizens.
As governor I will set new benchmarks to measure Missouri’s economic performance. We will look not only at GDP, employment rates, and household income but also:

  • Happiness/well-being and mental health

  • Affordability

  • Underemployment

  • Income inequality

  • Quality of infrastructure

  • Access to education

  • Substance abuse and related deaths

  • State optimism

Our elected officials need to be held to a higher standard when it comes to economic performance. Stock market highs and GDP growth mean nothing in reality when the bottom 80% of Missourians only own 8% of stocks and rising GDP has virtually no relationship with each citizen's wellbeing.
We can do better. And as governor:

  1. I will set-up a task-force to define a new economic scorecard;

  2. Expand our measurement tools to account for human factors that should be used to determine policy;

  3. Let these numbers set our policy focus and measurement goals; and

  4. Improve agency performance by utilizing the scorecard.

I won’t stop there. As we work to make these long-term changes, I also pledge to:

  1. Apply low-tax, pro-growth principles and veto efforts to increase taxes. You’ve worked hard for your money; our state government must respect that.

  2. Fight to eliminate nonessential regulations and streamline the necessary administrative rules and statutes that remain – all with the goal of maintaining a level playing field and strengthening Missouri job creators. I will push to have legislation drafted that caps the damages that can be assessed in discrimination lawsuits to incentivize out-of-state business to move to Missouri.

  3. Make it easier to start and grow a business. While Missouri’s regulatory environment is favorable in some instances, it can still be difficult to know exactly what’s required of a new business and what opportunities are out there to support a company’s growth. With efficiency and convenience in mind, my administration will:


  • Employ pro-active people within the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, providing them with sufficient training and instilling a culture of customer service;

  • Completely overhaul & modernize https://ded.mo.gov/ to significantly simplify the user experience;

  • Search for opportunities to optimize convenience within the filing fee system; and

  • Review the permitting structure to ensure it promotes economic development and respects local control.

I also pledge to invest in the workers of tomorrow. Access to a skilled workforce is still one of the most critical — if not the No. 1 —challenge that companies face when looking to expand, consolidate or relocate their operations. We want to not only attract the best companies but start the best companies. This is only possible if we produce the best sources of STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) talent in the country.
If elected, I will work to bring area employers, the Missouri Department of Education, the Board of Regents, and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to the same table, strengthening relationships and focusing discussion around the workforce needs of today and tomorrow. Through this alliance, my administration will:

  • Partner with the biggest STEM companies in America, to set-up high-school summer camps, more internship opportunities, and paid scholarship programs for bright young talent;

  • Expand access to experience-driven technical training in high schools to inspire younger workers; 

  • Provide career counseling and information for students regarding in-demand jobs beginning at the middle-school level; and

  • Dramatically increase shared-learning opportunities among high schools, technical schools, universities, and employers to better manage the transition from home to college and finally to the Missouri workforce.

Whilst working to improve our workforce, it is important to make sure that high-paying skilled jobs are available in abundance. We will do this by declaring Missouri is Open for Business! Through the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, I will prioritize the identification and recruitment of America’s next growth industries, launching a new advertising campaign that promotes Missouri’s winning formula to attract job creators.

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Jeff Shore, Treasurer