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Campaign Finance Reform

Current campaign finance laws in Missouri contain loopholes that could allow corporations and individuals to shatter campaign contribution limitations.
While reforms are needed to address these problems, I will not wait to act until the campaign finance laws catch up to what’s right. I will lead by example. I have not and will not take funds from Political Action Committees that were established with the intent to circumvent individual contribution limits, and if elected as your governor, I will work with the legislature to close these loopholes.
If we are going to change the culture of Missouri politics, we need to set a standard of genuine accountability from the very beginning. That means:

  • Limiting Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions to a candidate committee. Individuals are under strict limitations as to the amount they can legally contribute to a political candidate. PAC contributions are currently unlimited. Moreover, there is potential for PACs to be created with the sole purpose of evading the individual contribution limits and attempting to obscure the source of campaign funds from public scrutiny. Like both individual contributions and PAC contributions to federal candidates are, PAC contributions to state candidates should be limited.

  • Close the loophole that allows donors to shatter individual contribution limits. Under current law, an individual can contribute $2,600 to a candidate committee each calendar year. At the same time, they can write a $10,000 check to a PAC each calendar year. There are currently no safeguards in place to ensure individuals don’t contribute $2,600 directly and then another $10,000 through a PAC that was established with the intention of circumventing Missouri’s contribution limits.

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Jeff Shore, Treasurer